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The Research Box

Guiding you through the power of research insight

The Research Box specialises in audience insight and social research for consumer, B2B and charitable clients.  Whether using mobile ethnography or traditional research techniques, we use the right tools for the right projects.  We ensure that our findings are strategically and tactically useable, so they gain traction in our client organisations

Research Insight

We use research insight to help guide business and social policy decisions: simply producing research results is not enough  

I was really impressed by your presentation and the analysis and insight you gave us.  It has been a pleasure working with you and I will absolutely come back to you again for my next project.


Our team of experienced market research consultants has expertise in a wide range of research techniques from video ethnography, to focus groups, to online surveys and interviews, to models of demand 

Market Sectors

The Research Box has researched many market sectors, too many to mention here.
Please make a direct enquiry to find out about your particular area of interest:

A customer insight agency that has served many clients over the years, here are a few examples:

Our Staff

Our market research consultants are creative, rigorous, analytical and dedicated to furthering our clients' understanding of consumer and human behaviour

we strive to develop strong relationships with all our clients